4 Favorite Mimosa Recipes for Brunching

Let’s get serious, y’all! We only have five hours til it’s officially the weekend. It’s time to start planning our extracurricular activities…and by that, I mean BRUNCH.

Many amateurs make the mistake of not mapping out their mid-morning ventures. They’ll wake up at 10, hungry and a tad hungover, and beeline to the closest breakfast spot — only to find they’ll have to wait on the curb for an hour while the other brunchers-who-woke-up-ten-minutes-earlier enjoy benedicts & bloodies. Luckily, we are not amateurs. We’re professional.

After years of leisurely weekending, I’m here to tell you that the BEST way to escape the brunching blues is to prepare for the inevitable. Let’s be honest. You know you’re going to have a few drinks on Friday night and wake up late on Saturday morning with a headache that only more of the hard stuff can cure. You need a boozy pick-me-up, stat. So, why not fill your fridge with the remedial ingredients beforehand?

Mimosas are my day-off drink of choice. With bubbles to refresh your debilitated spirits and juice to boost your weekend immune system, it’s a wonderful way to start your morning. (Pro tip: I like to add fresh fruit. The more antioxidants the better, right?) Keep scrolling for four variations of my favorite brunching beverage.


First things first. We need to chat about what makes a mimosa a mimosa: the bubbles. When choosing sparkling wine, many go straight to champagne. (Actually, a lot of people falsely think that all sparkling wine is champagne – another blog post for another time.) However, true champagne is not always the best when mixed into a mimosa. I prefer to use a nice cava because it’s a little lighter on the belly & blends nicely with juices. I will also tend toward a sparkling rose, as I think the floral notes add lovely flavor.

It honestly comes down to personal preference, so you may want to try out a few different types to feel out your individual tastes. Whatever you choose, I do advise you splurge on bottle in the $20-$30 range (the cheap stuff can be a big belly buster). Choosing from our selection at Grappa, I’d recommend Crémant d’Alsace Brut, $27.99, or Pere Mata Cupada No. 20, $19.99.

1. Classic with a Twist

You seriously cannot go wrong with fresh squeezed orange juice as your mixer. (There’s a reason it’s the most popular, after all!) And when I go classic, I like to take it to the next level by adding a splash of blood orange juice along with the regular OJ. It adds a little oomph to the flavor (as well as a pretty tint of color). If you cannot find fresh blood orange juice at your local grocery story, try Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa.

2. Fresh Pomegranate

For those diligent souls who don’t mind getting a little messy for their mimosas, this drink is so worth it! Simply cut into a fresh pomegranate & get to work deseeding that sucker. I like to muddle the seeds in the glass before I add the sparkling wine for a burst of extra freshness, then I’ll top off the cocktail with a splash of POM to seal the deal.

3. Grapefruit with Raspberry

Is anyone else as obsessed with grapefruit juice as I am? If you love a nice & bitter cocktail, this is the concoction for you. You can use either white or ruby grapefuit juice. I prefer the white as its slightly less sweet, but the ruby has significantly more vitamin A content (apparently), so I suppose that would be the “healthier” option. I like to add a few fresh raspberry floaters for color. (Pro tip: Muddle some berries with the juice for a boost of sweetness!)

4. Peaches & Strawberries

If you’re only going to try one of these mimosas, THIS is the one. Muddle some strawberries with fresh peach juice, then pour over the bubbles. Slice up some fresh peaches & more strawberries as floater, then eat the fruit as you sip. Super refreshing & delightful.

Alright, y’all, now you have NO excuse not to kill it for brunch this weekend! Try out these variations & let us know which one you like the best!


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