Light Up Your GOT Watch Party with this Fiery Dragon Cocktail

Light Up Your GOT Watch Party with this Fiery Dragon Cocktail

Fellow Game of Thrones nerds, this is the week we’ve all been waiting for…THE BATTLE EPISODE IS HERE! (Hopefully, unless they pull another HBO twist & leave us hanging yet another week. Also – probably too late to say this but I may accidentally spill some spoilers in this post, so if for some reason you have yet to watch the first two episodes of the final season, then get the heck to watching!)

We’re all looking forward to the galliant swinging of swords, a widespread loss of limbs, and hopefully an undead giant stomp or two (just me?). But mostly, I simply cannot wait for the battle of the living & dead dragons. And as promised, we have found the perfect drink for this flaming scene: The Fiery Dragon Cocktail.


Fiery Dragon Cocktail Recipe

This recipe, found on, features DRAGONfruit & FLAMES. What could be better for sipping throughout a Game of Thrones battle episode? (Please be careful with the flaming part! We will not be held responsible for any singed eyebrows.)


  • 1 oz absinthe
    (We recommend Leopold Brothers.)
  • 2 oz white rum
    (We used the Don Q Cristal for our Grappa tasting sesh.)
  • 1 dragonfruit
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • .5 oz Agave syrup (simple syrup will work as well)
  • Ginger beer
  • Ice


  1. Cut dragonfruit in half, scoop out the innards into a pint glass and muddle.
  2. Cut lime in half, juice into pint glass, then hollow out one of the halves. Set aside skin for later.
  3. Add a scoop of ice, rum & agave and mix by shaking or stirring vigorously.
  4. Top with a splash of ginger beer.
  5. Remember that hollowed out lime skin? Place it on top of the mixture & fill it with absinthe.
  6. CAREFULLY light the absinthe with a lighter.
  7. Blow out the flame & remove the lime skin. (Again please be careful. This will be HOT.)
  8. Enjoy your flaming, dragon-y cocktail while watching the dragons battle it out!

(This IS a crazy recipe, so if you are having trouble visualizing our instructions, the awesome folks at made a video to show you what to do.)

We’d recommend pairing this drink with our Winter is Here Cocktail Recipe to really get your guests into the battling mood. And if you need more incentive to drink, partake in our Drinking Game (of Thrones) – though you may want to switch to something a little less alcoholic if sh*t hits the fan in this episode. Happy GOT Watching!

Fiery Dragon Cocktail
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