Cocktail Recipe: Fresh & Fizzy Strawberry Lemonade

Cocktail Recipe: Fresh & Fizzy Strawberry Lemonade

Let’s hear it for that shining sun & those chirping birds outside! Spring has sprung, my peeps! At long last, those cut-down-to-the-bone winter chills are gone… (It’s probably snowing outside right now, isn’t it? It is springtime in Colorado, after all. I should know better. 😂) Still, in the name of hopelessly getting my hopes up, I have only one question: Who’s planting themselves on a patio this weekend!?

After our longest & coldest season, beautiful patio days are like a magic tonic to finally cure the winter blues. And I have the perfect cocktail to pair with this remedy: The Fresh & Fizzy Strawberry Lemonade.

Fresh-squeezed & full of bubbles, this is the perfect refreshment for your patio purposes. It doesn’t involve any store-bought mixes full of corn syrup or weird preservatives; all the ingredients can be made at home in a fairly simple fashion. And, it can be tailored to taste! Whether you prefer sweet or sour (holla!), gin or vodka (again, woot woot!), you can mix it up just right. (You don’t even need to add liquor – though it’s way more fun if you do. 😉)


Fresh & Fizzy Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail Recipe

A light & refreshing cocktail to pair with your favorite brunch hat & over-sized sunnies on a bright patio.

(Please note: This is my favorite way to make this drink, though there are many variations. Play around with the recipe & style it to your taste!)


  • 1.5 oz Vodka or Gin

I prefer Woody Creek’s Colorado Vodka, $35.99 at our shop in Vail. It’s 100% potato vodka (that means it’s gluten-free!), and they locally source all of their ingredients within 170 miles of their Colorado distillery. They are also huge proponents of producing straightforward vodka. They only distill it once (because that’s all it needs), and they don’t bother with trying to add a bunch of different cough-syrupy flavors. Theirs is simple & real.

  • 1 lemon
  • Simple syrup, to taste

Simple syrup can be made by heating equal parts sugar & water until the sugar dissolves. This syrup is used to sweeten most cocktails and will stay good without refrigeration for a LONG time, so I’d suggest making a 1:1 cup batch and keeping the leftovers handy. (Pro tip: if you want to make this a strawberry syrup, throw it in a blender with a few ripe berries. It’s a super fresh & authentic flavor to brighten any drink.)

  • 3 strawberries
  • Soda water, splash


  1. Cut the lemon in half, then slice a thin wheel from one of the halves & set aside. (This will be a beautiful garnish at the end.)
  2. Squeeze both lemon halves into an empty pint glass.
  3. Add 2 strawberries (quartered, with greens trimmed off) & muddle. (If you do not have a muddling tool, simply cut the berries into smaller bits, add a few ice cubes & shake or stir vigorously.)
  4. Fill the glass halfway with ice cubes, add your liquor of choice & shake or stir. (Pro tip: if you want this to be a mocktail, replace the liquor with water.)
  5. Top off the glass with ice cubes, then add a splash of soda water.
  6. Add simple syrup to taste. (I only add a splash of simple syrup because I prefer a fairly sour drink. If you’re a sweeter person, definitely add more.)
  7. Cut a slice in the final strawberry & lemon wheel to garnish.
  8. Enjoy! (Preferably in a sunny lounge chair with good company or a good book.)

Cheers to hoping for lovely spring weather! Please let us know your favorite variation of this cocktail, and keep an eye on our page for more recipes to come!

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