A Galliant & Gruesome Drinking Game (of Thrones)

A Galliant & Gruesome Drinking Game (of Thrones)

The countdown is over! Game of Thrones Season 8 has finally arrived (and right in the midst of Colorado’s own battle of seasons…#winterwontleave 😂) The final season of this beloved series promises to wrap everything up in a mere SIX episodes, so obviously we’re all partying in front of our tellies for the next six Sundays straight. Why not spice up your watch parties with a GOT Drinking Game?

The Drinking Game of Thrones

I’ve heard this long-awaited season is one big climax to the story – full of bloody battles, mass beloved character killings, purposeful & ignorant incest, and so much more. We’re all suspecting & unsuspecting EVERYTHING. And I still think they’re going to get us with some good ol’ George R.R. Martin-inspired twists. Let’s make like Tyrion Lannister and drink about it!

How To Play

The rules of the game are simple: Don’t die. (Just kidding, we’ll all make it out alive – unlike many of our favorite characters… 😬😬)

Here are the basics:

  • Prepare your beverages.
  • Read over The Rules.
  • Watch the show.
  • Adhere to The Rules.
  • Embody the Hand of the Queen
    (albeit before he became Hand 😂)

The last one standing will claim the Inebriant Throne!

What You Need

Here’s a list of our suggested beverages to really get you into the GOT spirituous spirit! (You can always alter your choices to fit your own tastes.)

  • A Jug of Strong Ale or Red Wine

In keeping with those English accents, we recommend trying something imported. Come grab a case of Samuel Smith or Newcastle if you’re a drinker of beer, or try a bottle of our imported Domaine Parent Pinot Noir or Frascole Chianti, if your prefer wine.

Pro Tip: If cocktails are more your style, you may want to go easy on the liquor. I have a feeling we’ll be sipping, slurping & slugging, ahem, excessively.

The Rules

Pay attention, follow these rules, take your sips and CHEERS TO THE GAME (of Thrones)!


  • Tyrion takes a sip of something alcoholic.
  • Cersei scowls.
  • Someone loses a limb.
  • Bran makes someone uncomfortable.
  • You see an undead animal.


  • You see the blue of the Night King’s eyes.
  • Someone lists ALL of Daenerys’s titles.
  • Arya changes her face.
  • Sam Tarly giggles nerdily.
  • Someone mentions a prophecy.


  • A Targaryen rides a dragon. 😉
  • Lyanna Mormont shows up the other
    Lords like the little badass she is.
  • The living Starks are all in the same room.
  • Cersei mentions her unborn child.
  • Varys changes sides.


  • Living & dead dragons battle it out.
  • You get a glimpse of Greyworm’s pillar with no stones.
  • Jon & Daenerys find out they’re related.
  • The Hound & the Mountain duke it out.
  • You catch the eye of someone else in the room
    & both of your jaws are dropped.

Drunk yet? These are the rules as they stand for now, though whoever claims the Inebriant Throne has the right to add more every week. Let us know what rules you come up with, and enjoy the final season!

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