Laura Lorenzo: A Woman & Her Wines

Laura Lorenzo: A Woman & Her Wines

Not many people can say that they have loved wine since they were a kid, but Laura Lorenzo is not the average winemaker. At 16 years old, when most teenagers in the United States are excited about getting a driver’s license, Lorenzo enrolled in winemaking school in Spain.

Her Beginnings


Originally from Allariz, which is a town in Galicia, Spain, Lorenzo also apprenticed in South Africa and Argentina. After completing her various wine apprenticeships, she took over at Dominio do Bibei, a pioneering producer of fine wine in the Quiroga-Bibei subzone of Ribeira Sacra in Spain. Over the next decade, Lorenzo established a style of winemaking based on the environment of the Spanish village of Manzaneda.

Her Winery

laura lorenz winery

With the help of her chef/artist partner Albaro Dominguez, Lorenzo created Daterra Viticultores in 2014. Producing around 18,000 bottles per year, from grapes that are spread out over approximately eleven acres of vineyards, Lorenzo is considered a revolutionary winemaker in Galicia. What sets her apart from other winemakers is that she is an organic viticulturist, meaning she is in the business and art of growing grapes which requires both scientific knowledge and intuition. Her farming technique is described as “agro-ecology with minimal impact” because she uses methods that create a healthy and thriving ecosystem for her vines.

Her Wines

Portella do vento

Grappa is privileged to offer four of Lorenzo’s wines including Azos do Pobo, Azos da Vila, and Erea da Vila:

Portela Do Vento

Portela Do Vento comes from several south-facing parcels of Mencía and Garnacha
Tintorera in the Amandi and Val do Bibei subzones. The grapes were harvested by
hand in late September, 80% destemmed and fermented with wild yeasts in steel vats,
and raised for 9 months in used 500 liter French barrels. This is Laura’s “glou-glou” wine
that she loves to share with her American friends. Fresh and easy-drinking, it is very
versatile with a wide variety of foods…or straight from the porrón!

Azos do Pobo

Azos de Pobo comes from the the village of Manzaneda and is comprised of 50 percent Gran Negro and Garnacha Tintorera, with the balance being Mouraton, Mencía, Merenzao, etc. This wine is described as a dense and rustic vino tinto with dark fruit, floral aromatics, and deep soil elements.

Azos de Vila

Azos de Vila also comes from the village of Manzaneda and is a field blend of Mouraton,
Mencía, Garnacha Tintorera, Merenzao, Gran Negro, etc. A fresh yet complex vino tinto, Azos de Vila has a rustic component that is frequently paired with wild game and pork dishes.

Erea de Vila

Erea de Vila is comprised of 80- to 120-year-old vines and is described as a rich and nuanced vino branco with lush texture, racy acidity, and hints of orchard fruits, herbs, and minerals. This wine is usually paired with flaky fish, game, and poultry.

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