Pere Mata Cupada Rose N/V


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Product Description

Pere Mata Cupada Rose N/V


Whether or not you’re familiar Bergamot Wines, it is important for us to point out an old favorite like this one. Pere Mata is a true game changer from Cava. The distinct mineral style, the elegance of yeast notes and balance of beautiful fruit is, sadly, a unicorn in this Spanish wine category known more for what it is not rather than celebrated for what it is. Still, for all the care and quality Pere Mata delivers in every bottle, the price remains well below the line of value for return.


Tasting Notes

Fresh baked Raspberry Scones and Rosehips. A kiss of fragrant Wild Strawberry with Meyer Lemon and Pink Lady Apples. This is a Cava with clean dry mineral freshness- a pink bubbles that way-over-delivers in quality for the value. Highly addictive.


Food pairing

Shellfish, Appetizers and snacks, Lean fish, Aperitif, Cured Meat


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